Intercom Gate

We can automate any existing gate with keypad, keyless, fob, and web/cloud based entry.

What is a gate intercom system?

A gate intercom system is a property access solution that enables tenants to speak with visitors and open the security gate for them remotely.

A gate intercom has two parts:

  1. The base station, which is the device installed at the gate. Guests use the base station to call tenants and request property access.
  2. Substations, which are the devices that tenants use to answer calls and open the gate remotely. Substations can be hardware installed throughout the property or tenants’ own smartphones.

In addition to the base station and substations, gate entry systems require a gate unlocking mechanism that can open the gate when a tenant presses a button.

Gate intercoms are great for:

  • Gated communities
  • Commercial properties
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Industrial properties
  • Parking lots and parking structures

How a gate intercom works

A gate intercom works by transmitting audio between the base station outdoors and a substation within the property. This is how a visitor at the gate talks to a specific tenant within the property.

If the gate entry system has a camera, it will also transmit video so that tenants and visitors can see each other.

When a tenant wants to open the gate for a visitor, they press a button on their substation. Pressing that button sends a signal to the gate intercom base station, which instructs the gate release mechanism to unlock.

Why you need a gate intercom system

Whether you own or operate an apartment building, a commercial property, or a gated community, your gated entrance requires an entry system. You need a way to keep your property secure while ensuring seamless access for tenants and authorized visitors. A front gate intercom is the best way to achieve both goals.

Other gate entry solutions fail to do it all. The traditional gate access control system with fobs or keycards gets tenants through the gate but can’t facilitate access for visitors or delivery people.

You should invest in a gate intercom system to:

  • Empower tenants to remotely grant property access to guests
  • Improve security throughout your property
  • Prevent car stacking and help you avoid penalties for cars backed up to the street
  • Reduce the time your property staff spends on managing visitor access
  • Ensure that delivery people can access your property

In short, an intercom is a must-have amenity for gated communities and other gated properties.

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